Fondant/Gumpaste Rose 3 ways!

Fondant/Gumpaste Rose 3 Ways!

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I remember when I first started making cakes it seemed like being able to make a fondant/gumpaste rose was supposed to be one of the basics, except… wasn’t!

I searched for tutorials ….google….youtube…..cakecentral ect. most tutorials I found were using cutters. Now because I was a beginner I didn’t have all these fancy cutters and of course I left the rose to the last possible moment because you know, it was basic (not). Needless to say I didn’t have the time or the money to go out and buy all of these things, which leads me to todays blog.

Today I am going to show you 3 ways to make a fondant/gumpaste rose. #1 will be the classic ribbon rose, #2 will be an open rose (no cutter) and # 3 for those of you who do have a cutter I will show you how I use mine.

Lets do this!!

What you will need;

what you need

  • rolling pin
  • saran wrap
  • fondant/gumpaste (whatever colours you prefer)
  • small rose cutter
  • foam pad (optional)
  • knife
  • baller tool/skewer
  • (not in picture) water and little paintbrush

Ribbon Rose

Step1– Roll out a strip of fondant/gumpaste


Step 2– Roll your baller tool back and forth on one of the long edges of your fondant/gumpaste ribbon (this also works the same way with a skewer)


Step 3– Begin to roll your ribbon


Step 4– Once you get it rolled at least once all the way around begin to pleat it as you go. Continue until you have reached desired size then cut the excess.


Step 5– You will have a large tail at the bottom just cut that off.

rib3     rib4

Step 6– There you have a beautiful ribbon rose.


Open Rose (no cutter)

Step1– Roll out 1 tear drop shape (for your base), 1 oblong shape (for your center petal) and 12 small ball shaped (for petals)

I only have 5 balls in this picture however I used 12 for the whole rose


Step 2– Take your oblong shape and make it flat using your thumb (I put it under the saran wrap to stop it from sticking to my thumb)


Step 3– Using your baller tool (or skewer) run it back and forth along the edge on one side so It ruffles


Step 4– Wrap that piece around the small end of your teardrop with the ruffled edge at the top


Step 5– Take your ball shapes and flatten them the same way you did your oblong. (if doing them all at once make sure you put the ones your not using right away under the saran wrap so they don’t dry up too quickly)


Step 6– Ruffle half of the edge of each petal (the same way as the oblong)

Step 7– OK I thought I took pictures all the way through apparently I missed some :p

Dab the center of 2 petals with a very tiny bit of water using your paintbrush. Place the first petal around the base and center petal. Take the second one and overlap the first slightly and wrap it the rest of the way around once you get to the first petal tuck the second one under the first.

Step 8- You will do the same thing as step 7 for the next row of petals. Make as many rows until you reach desired size. (don’t forget that when you make it all the way around to tuck the last petal under the first one)

row 2- 5 petals

row 3- 5 petals


Step 9– Flare out the top slightly with your fingers so it looks more open. There you have it your rose!


Open Rose with Cutter

Step 1– Roll out a tear drop shape for your base


Step 2– Roll out your fondant (fairly thin for a more delicate rose). Using your cutter make 3 cut outs and 1 single petal. (when not in use place them underneath the saran wrap so they don’t dry out) cutter2

Step 3– Take your single petal and ruffle the rounded edge with your baller tool (skewer)


Step 4– Wrap that petal, ruffle side up, around the smaller part of the teardrop


Step 5– Take one of your cut outs and ruffle ALL the rounded edges with your baller tool (skewer) place a tiny bit of water in the center of each petal as well as the center of the cut out


Step 6– Place your teardrop in the center of your cut out. Take petal 1and wrap it around the base, take petal 3 and slightly overlap petal 1 and wrap around and tuck under petal1.


Step 7– Wrap the remainder of the petals around the base, 2 then 4 then 5. Tuck petal 5 underneath petal 2. This will make your second layer


Step 8– Repeat step 5 for the next cut out (including the water) and begin wrapping the petals, in order this time, around the flower making sure to overlap each petal slightly and once getting to the end tucking it under the first petal.

Repeat until you have desired shape


Step 9– Fan out the edges slightly with your fingers.

TA-DAHH Rose!!


Here is a picture with all 3 roses together

all together now


Funny story- I wasn’t using these roses for a cake (because I didn’t have one that required roses) I left them out on the table. Well the next morning I come out to find one squished and the others no more, my 2.5 year old got into them and well lets just say SUGAR RUSH!! O well

I hope this has been helpful. If you try this please send me a picture on facebook (Caytee Cakes), instagram (caytee_p), twitter (@piche_caitlin) or tumblr (cayteep) I would love to see them! and if you have any ideas for future tutorials please leave a comment!


Caytee P